Gonzaga Bulldog

I had a great time making this character. I modeled the head, and I attatched it to a body that one of my coworkers made. He is for an animation that will hopefully be on one of the stadium video boards. Hope you enjoy it.

I didn’t model the body because the deadline wouldn’t allow me to re-model and rig a new body. I wanted to keep the model and textures simple because I was going for a cartoony feel.

Looks good! What is your connection to Gonzaga?

I finally got to go to my first game in McCarthey Athletic Center last week. Watched them beat Loyola Marymount. What a cool place to watch a game. BUt I did think there could be better use of those video boards. I will have to keep my eyes open for your model next time I go.

Looks really good, although i think you should do the separation between the eyebrows, and the hands look a bit squareish :wink:

G7Pro - Thanks :slight_smile: I really dont have any direct connection with Gonzaga. Gonzaga hired the buisness I work for to create some content for the video boards. I think they should have most of the content we’ve made by the middle to end of next week.

Rogenator - Thanks for the suggestions. I agree about the eyebrows and will take care of it as soon as I have some spare time. As for the fingers, Lol, yes they’re pretty square. Another thing I’ll work on when I have time.