Good 3D books?

(phlo) #1

i have only these books:

  • 3D Computer Graphics (3rd Edition) from Alan Watt
  • Lighting and Rendering from Jeremy Birn
  • And of course: The official Blender 2.0 guide from??? hä?

other books? please let me know. i’m searching for 3D graphic books for
programmers and also for artists. i have to improve my skills on 3D for
blender coding. i know a little bit. but only with maths and coding skills you never get
a good blender coder… :wink:



(jbelanche) #2

there’re some publications about computer graphics. It will be of your interest, programming and art questions. Dont forget study one OOP language like C++ and Algorithms and Data Structures, of course, some maths skills :), I dont forget any reference to Python and GIMP :slight_smile:

  1. Norman Lin, Linux 3D Graphics Programming, Wordware Publishing.
  2. Norman Lin, Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming, Wordware Publishing.
  3. Beazley, Python Essential Reference, New Riders,
  4. Hardford, GIMP, Prentice Hall,
  5. Hearn & Baker, Gráficas por computadora, Prentice Hall
  6. Bunks, Grokking the GIMP, New Riders
  7. Lutz & Ascher, Learning Python, O’Reilly
  8. Bourg, Physics for a game developers, O’Reilly
  9. Glassner, An introduction to Ray Tracing, AP
  10. Tomas Möller & Eric Haines, Real Time Rendering, AK Peters
  11. David F. Rogers, Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics, Mc Graw Hill
  12. Jensen, Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photo Mapping, AK Peters
  13. Lindley, Practical Ray Tracing in C, Wiley
  14. Parent, Computer Animation, Morgan Kauffmann
  15. Roger Adams, Mathematical elements for Computer Graphics, Mc Graw Hill
  16. Wolfe, 3D Graphics: a visual approach, Oxford
  17. Alan Watt and Mark Watt, Advanced animation and rendering techniques, Addison Wesley
  18. Woo et al, OpenGL programming guide (third edition), Addison Wesley
  19. Wilt, Object Oriented Ray Tracing in C++, Wiley
  20. Mortenson, Computer Graphics Handbook,
  21. O’Rourke, Principles of 3D Computer animation, Norton
  22. Watking, Coy and Finlay, Photorrealism and Ray Tracing in C, M&T Books
  23. Glaeser, Fast algorithms for 3D Graphics, Springer

    and more, and more, and more…


(JDA) #3

3D CREATURE WORKSHOP by Bill Fleming ISBN: 188680178

3D PHOTOREALISM TOOLKIT by Bill Fleming ISBN: 0471253464

ADVANCED 3D PHOTOREALISM by Bill Fleming ISBN: 0471344036

MASTERING 3D GRAPHICS by Bill Fleming ISBN: 047138089X

MODELING & SURFACING by Bill Fleming ISBN: 0-12-260490-3

(SatoriGFX) #4

You should also look at Digital Texturing and Painting by Owen Demers. It’s part of the same series as the book you mentioned above. If you like Jeremy’s book you should enjoy this one as well.

Also, you may want to check out “The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Imaging” by Isaac Victor Kerlow.


(UglyMike) #5


You might want to go to

I have
Lightning & Rendering: Fantastic book, well focused on the subject matter
Character Animation Vol2: SW agnostic book, so good for Blender use Cartoon Animation: Non-digital but great stuff for preparing your 3D work

BTW, Rubberbug has a very nice walk cycle tutorial

(phlo) #6

hi all
thank you very mutch for the lists.

this is exactly waht i searched.
i am already a c++ and python coder. and for that i have enough books.

only for the graphics. this was a problem. no more now.