good 3d printer advices

Hi guys,

i am looking for a good 3d color printer for architectural projects .
with the best ratio price/quality

thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

If you want a 3D printer that does multiple colors in one print, you are looking at $20K+ machines.

You are better off having Shapeways do your prints for you, unless you have a large budget.

nah i was just kidding :wink:

i am ot looking for that expensensive ones at least not at the moment .
the shapeway is not an option beacause i want to offer this same thing to my local customers beside other services ,
so i need a good printer that can produce color models (architectural) not necessarly in one shot , the model can be splited into various part for each material .

a good price/quality ratio is what i am looking for

Most of the DIY machines use a plastic filament that is heated and extruded out a nozzle. The main problem with these machines is that the finish is not that great. The striations between layers are usually pretty obvious. Flat horizontal surfaces are made by zigzagging back and forth which doesn’t give a smooth surface.

The high end machines use completely different techniques which usually consists of laying down thin layers of resin or powder. Vertical surfaces may have a little roughness to them, but horizontal surfaces are pretty smooth because it’s laid down in a continuous layer.

So it all boils down to what you want to give your clients–just a quick mockup that doesn’t need great finish, or high end results that will impress them.

Note that there is a company offering an SLA resin machine for $3300. I haven’t seen the results first-hand but their site looks pretty impressive.

Steve S

interesting !

i keep searching for other options

I have one. It’s awesome. The detail and ease of printing overhangs is unparalleled next to FDM/FFF machines.

and how is the resin handling? isn’t it quite toxic?

Jonathan Williamson himself response to my thread :slight_smile:

btw i have found this , wich look amazing … at least on paper .

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