Good and cheap Lcd TN monitor 22 for graphics and all , advice please .

First sorry for this ( this is not Spam ! )
But i cant find good 22 lcd monitor for everything - graphics work - Blender, gmax, gimp, GTK Radiant, net, games . Monitor should be TN technology. I know IPS and PVA, want TN, because of power consuption and responce time .
Monitor should be - display - sharp, good colours, detailed display , not headeache ( long hours using )
My favorits are NEC E222w , iiyama or another ?
Or some philips. 1,5 year back i had lcd monitor Philips 220cw9fb ( maybe want again ), had problems but with motherboard, monitor sold, that s pity - had nice colours, but used program Smart Control II - it hadnt clear display for graphics probably - any exoerience ?
please advice branch and size

Dont want LED monitor, better colours , users sayed that LED backlighting is not good for eyes

Sorry my English

Thank you and sorry

What about an LED monitor? If I would buy a new one I would probably go for an full-LED (back-LED), uses less power, very good quality. Just my opinion.

You´r doing it wrong :wink:
Just tell us how much you want to spend…

I want TN monitor in price less than Dell e-IPS 2209WA . But if it is good TN it can be in price like this Dell
I saw budget monitors usable for graphics , ex. Samsung 2243BW ( now not selling )
Want also monitor be good for health
This Nec I posted by review is usable for graphics . Nec E222w .
1,5 year back i had lcd monitor Philips 220cw9fb, had problems but with motherboard, monitor sold, that s pity - had nice colours, but used program Smart Control II - it hadnt clear display for graphics

So we´r talking less than 200 USD.
There isn´t really such a thing as good or bad color for graphics, unless you buy an EIZO, everything else you got to calibrate with a colorimeter anyways.
Personally I got all TN panels, 3 Samsung and 2 LG - in the studio most are Samsung too, got a few NEC. Prefere the Samsung.
TN ain´t that good as IPS obviously, but it comes with a bigger pricetag.

The LG are older ones, and their overdrive technology is rather crappy, it results in problems with shades of gray.
The Samsung screens are grand, all came without pixel errors and still are, they are 22", 24" and 26"
My favourite is the 2443BW. It is also my mainscreen.
Only downside, it starts to humm if you set the contrast below 100%. But its very faint, my cooling fans and hdd´s are louder.

Arexma Nec was worst from these . TN Samsung is better than TN Nec ?
So I should buy Samsung 2243bw or 2443bw ? - it is good monitor ?- good colours , sharpness, can use long hours without headeache ?

I am sitting in front of my 2443bw usually 10-16 hours a day. No headaches yet at least none from the screen :smiley:
I like the colors too, but you can configure it pretty good. And as I said, you still can configure it with a colorimeter.
If you want I can post an photograph.

Yes please post some photos and sorry for my questions, i had bad monitors, so i am tired .

Will do, but I got to sleep now, so you have to wait at least 8 hours :smiley:
I got to say I am really satisfied with Samsung screens. I usually buy them in a shop where I also get pixelguarantee, only needed it once though for a damaged subpixel.
I also love the thin black NON-glossy frame, I hate this piano finish, and the nonglare display is a dream too. Actually here in Austria it is forbidden to have computer working places with glossy screens by the industrial safety. It damages the eyemuscles working on it all day.
If you want you can use the time I sleep to post me links to images you want to have photographs from, so you can compare.

Thanks and really sorry for my stupid questions .
there are some sites, hosting images

Thank you