Good anti-malware software

Hi all

I am looking for a quality, free anti-malware software package.
My AVG Free is not up to par since it cannot detect viruses which are so damn obvious when looking at the system processes. Besides, they say they’re going to quit next year.
Does anyone have any recommendations?



Let’s see…

  • Spybot: Search and Destroy does a scan for adware/spyware/trojan/tracking cookie scan, in addition to preventing access from sites that automatically install those (by adding a list of restricted sites to the HOSTS file).
  • SpywareBlaster blocks even more dangerous sites, so it’s good to use it with the above program.
  • Ad-Aware SE Personal does the same as the above, plus a couple of useful features available through plugins.

Now, those are the ones I’ve tried, in addition to AVG, which you already have. I hope they help.