good at landscape?

wassup ppl! im making some land for a game im helping out with. since my imagination isnt enough, maybe all of you can be a part of it. ill lay out a template later and more details about it (im in school right now on my psp…) so yeah tell me what ya think.

Think about what? Also, wrong section.

think about the idea and this isnt in the wrong section, its for a game also a to-be wip

I don’t think Dog’s trying to be rude, he’s just trying to point out that you would get more feedback, and disscusion from the support section with this topic.(I agree.)

Alot of ppl that are looking to give a helping hand look in there first.

Most here want to see a project underway, much like you stated. I think you should outline the whole project here and state what phase you are in ie.building terrain, health, characters, storyline…ect…

This section mostly posts a larger overview of a long term achievement one hopes to complete, not just a part of it.

i wanna see the template first. no one can really say anything about anybody until the prototype is shown.

ok ive started the template, of course i made this thread because im not good with land so this might take a while…but i should have it soon…btw i also made this so people can work together to make something interesting, like one does vegetation, another does coloring and textureing, another does water…and well thats sort of my point :slight_smile: i was thinking if i uploaded it someone downloads it and reuploads with their work on it, then the next person takes that new folder and repeats the process…well back to my lame land XD

wow i double post too? thats low for me… >:O

I normaly use L3DT, there’s a free version allowing you to do your rich landscapes with most color channels. Then import the height map and displace it in blender. Apply the texture and what not!
What? No, it’s not cheating, it’s taking a shortcut, for better results…

that is the place where i uploaded it…its a template made by MY imagination…i was hoping we could all work together…well someone can now download it and add what they want. the car in the template is just to show you how big the land is, so you dont make a tree that is the size of china…well enjoy…i hope.

Only twats use nystic.

For the amount of detail in the landscape, its got way too many polys. And the land scape is really plain and unnatural. Maybe you should spend some more time on it.

still dont see a template… waiting for the template