Good Blender Game engine tutorial to start with ?


 I want some suggestion on learning Blender Game Engine. I know the pipeline of film making but never worked on a game pipeline from start to end. 

 Please suggest any tutorial free/paid. Though I am aware of little 'things' of game pipeline, I want to dig into the deep. Mainly looking for beginner and intermediate level, like a basic overview and then a small project based. 

 One more thing. I don't know any programming language , but understand logic quite well.


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Well, to be honest, you’re in for a trip…

Not many people found an efficient workflow for the BGE, and the few who did didn’t write anything I’m aware of…

But there are lots of resources, that’s for sure. I used to look at this website a long time ago:
(I think its good when getting started, learning random stuff left and right, then making it all come together).

You can type “BGE turtorial” on Google too, there are lot of Youtube videos showing you demos and howtos (I’m really not fond of video tutorials for technical things but it can help)

I think when it comes to development, be it games or software more generally, learning the basics and then making personal little projects is the best approach.

  1. First read there and there the basics.
  2. Try and make something silly, like a meteor avoiding game, idk: (silly blend from some year ago or so / edit: apparently blender newer versions broke it lol)

Then if you want to know the proper way to do games, well… I think everyone’s got its own implementation, even professionals tend to have their own proprietary tools. Right now the BGE is in a state where professional results are very difficult to achieve, and the work to do on the BGE is workflow related: not making a game but making tools for making a game…

Good starting channels are: (BornCG), (ThaTimst3r).

Tutorialsforblender3d is good, and has a lot of tutorials, but they are quite old. It involves Python programming.
This is how I started with BGE, and I can say I have gotten pretty far.

The most important thing is ambition, if you don’t have it, making a game won’t be fun and rather a pain and you won’t get very far.

Get a grip. A strong grip.

Sorry I must miss the right group. Thanks anyway.

Thanks for the link. I went through that site. Its little scattered but yah few info are very important. Thanks.

Thanks. I saw the BornCG earlier and think this is the type I was looking for. just wanted to sure about it. The other one I haven’t visited yet. Let see.

Thanks . I think this is the one I should start with along side of BornCG.


You can start how ever you want.

I did it my way… well i just used youtube + google to search for what i wanted to build.
but i came from a programming language so python was very easy to pickup.

So the question is what do you want to learn?
make a game (with/)or scripting or both? I recommend both.

atleast cgcookie has a lot of free/paid courses for blender:
good place to start out.

Anyway start small, don’t think that you can put out a 3d mmorpg because you simply can’t… no you can’t.
That is something for a later stage, start with something like an arcade game, think about a small board game, astroids, tetris, jenga, or anything that uses a few basic systems to start with.

If you can make a small game like that (with your eyes closed and 2 fingers up the nose) then go build harder games, step into the world of character movement/mechanics, and expand on that. (you can also start out with it, if you already know what you like/want to build).

But learn (bge)python as well, you gonna need it.

Good luck.

I made a short series of videos for my friend Cris at 3dPalace starting completely from scratch with no programming or blender experience, meant for someone curious about BGE. They’re old now and I really should re-do them but they might be helpful? You can find them on youtube as below or as a collection on Gumroad (link in my sig).