Good blender texturing tutorial?


I’m currently following this tutorial:

It’s in pretty sad shape at the moment, many images are missing and the ones that are there are often not very helpful. I kind of need a better tutorial to learn this.

Thanks! I’m going to continue on and skip texturing for the moment…I hope.

Start with the Wiki Manual:


The tutorial is not intended to teach you texturing alone, instead it covers only a specific aspect.But it would be very important for me to know what you would have expected from it.

Originally I wanted to translate the concepts from “Texturing for Dummies”, which I have linked at the top of the page, the page doesn’t make real sense without reading that first.

A more extensive tutorial at “Noob to Pro” is really needed, but I haven’t got time yet, the whole section about materials is lacking a great deal.

But every feedback counts and can help to improve it.

If you need anything not related to logic or python scripting it would be here…

Don’t fall in.

Alrighty, have the wiki manual and the gryllus site loaded up.

I saw ‘texturing for dummies’ and I assumed it was a link to a pay-for book, sorry.

I had some issues with getting through it, but I did successfully get through the tutorials, it just took me quite awhile. Some parts of the tutorial were vague, and on the translucency map I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the light to shine through the panel.

Thanks for the resources! I really appreciate it, and SoylentGreen, thank you for writing that part of the tutorial! I really do appreciate your time, and didn’t mean to gripe as hard as I did about it.

It would be really nice if you could give me detailed feedback on the article, you can simply write on the discussion page.

I will then go and try to improve it, this is the way the articles can improve and be more helpful. I will right now clarify the part about “Texturing for Dummies”. If you could tell me for example where you had difficulties with the translucency map, I can include that in the article.


there is also a very good intro to texturing
at this site

read it carefully there are lot’s of littel tricks around

but it’s fun to learn

now this does not include nodes

Hope it helps