Good body modelling tut desperately needed

Please can someone point me in the direction of a good body modelling tut? All my attempts at body modelling end in failure and there is nothing worse than a disembodied head

Joan of Arc.
Simply one of the best.

Tahnks for the link, I’ll try it out tonight when I get home

The tutorial seems great, really in depth :smiley:
Only thing is it seems to be for a different program ( 3dmax or something ). What are the main differences between these programs, should I treat the tutorial as a blender one, or will I find there aren’t all the funbctions in Blender? Also, does the texturing work the same?
Sorry if I’m being a pain, It would just help to know

I have noticed that some tutorials use n-gons that aren’t in Blender (yet?). Also sometimes you have to improvize how to use tools of Blender to get the same result though most of the times that isn’t a problem.
Sometimes the Blender procedure can be even easier than the one shown.

i’ve only used blender so I don’t know what these are :frowning:

n-gons are polygons with more than 4 sides (n being some undefined number). In blender, it is just tris and quads. I’m still a newbie myself, so not sure on the benefits of n-gons, though I imagine it could help as an intermediate step during rearranging of quads…


like f-gon?
In blender you can select 2 faces and press f to make them into one face, sounds like the same to me

No, it’s not the same, because f-gons are actually fake n-gons. The tris anq quads you join will not become a single poligon. What f-gons do is just hide edges, giving the illusion of a n-gon, but the edges are still there. You may not notice this in a flat, unsubsurfed mesh, but if you set subsurf on, you’ll see that your hidden edges still influence the subsurf.