Good book on making video effects?

Hi guys!

Wanted to ask you if you can advice me some good book on making visual effects.
By visual effects I mean dynamic animation, particle systems, physics, texture animations etc etc etc.

There are a lot of books (including blender oriented ones) for character animation, while I’m interested in finding some book on making effects (and I think suitable materials too).

I have almost finished Tony Mullen’s great “Bounce, Thumble and Splash”, but I want more :wink:

I don’t need it to be strictly blender oriented (though would be cool of course) - just want to be able to adapt it to blender workflow.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, you aren’t related to Roger are you? lol,
I just got this one and it looks good:

My first thought was “Roger? Who is this?” :slight_smile: So no, I’m not.

Thanks for suggestion I’ll try this one definetely!

i dunno who that Roger guys is either (wink), but yes, please buy my book! I’m collecting ideas for the next edition, too, in the Foundation Blender Compositing thread, so as you read it, if there’s anything in there I haven’t covered, drop a note in the forum and I will include it. Thanks for the plug, Florida_Jo.

ps-My mom’s lovin Melbourne, and my favorite dive was a drift dive off West Palm.

:smiley: Great! I’ll defenitely try to find your book, the only problem is that it’s rather difficult to find it here in Russia. The only option is, but it’s rather expensive (including delivery costs). At least that’s what I’ve heard from other guys here who bought books from Amazon. I guess I need to check that by myself :slight_smile:

Btw, isn’t there a way to buy it in pdf (+iso if it has one)?

Hey Papa, that looks pretty good but amazon gives very little detail. You got a link to a little more in-depth depiction of the contents such as a TOC, without violating the copyright on your own book? I don’t get much shopping time these days due to 2 jobs so I have to buy on line so I really wanna know what I’m getting due to a few past disappointments.

If you are trying to find a book you can find it on online shops

I’ve uploaded the complete table of contents of my book to my site, described here: - thanks!

No problem on the plug, it’s really a good read. I enjoy when a book is conversational as well as informational. Makes it much easier to read. And boy is it packed with good info, really enjoying it.

Thanks to for info on the West Palm drift dive. When I get back into diving I’ll check it out. Right now I’m spending too much time in front of Blender :yes: