Good city generator

Anyone know any good city generator? I used Suicidator but I find it tedious and think it’s faster to model from scratch. Its way too many buildings colliding with each other.

You probably won’t get one as good as Suicidator…
Not only is it free, but the randomization, the real buildings, the streets, all that I haven’t seen with other generators. Most, are hard, and not really compatible with blender.

EDIT: I just tried to search for one. I’m not really having any luck. All of them look terrible, hard to use, old, and aren’t really free…

Try this:

It requires a little work, but you can get good results.

I saw that link before. I tried it before 2.6 so it was a bit tedious…

Overall, I’m using the method in the video and other short cuts. UV mapping is not necessary unless I want to have heavy details and close ups. I am using two groups of buildings. I made a high poly and going to make a low poly (Shooting for 24 random buildings). As for the layout, I am using a grid with some areas / vertex empty. No building block is 100% buildings.

I haven’t done the landscape yet but this is a view. Its designed in a way I can generate a city in minutes with details. I still have to add details.

Yeah follow that Andrew Price video. It’s very straight forward and the possibilities are endless. Add some particle brownian to the buildings and you got one random good lookin’ city.