Good Computer Offer?

Well that i’ll check in the morning, then.
Video cards make me sick, so many numbers, and brands.
But I should say I intend on using ubuntu.
I didn’t look into the prices for the cpu, motherboard yet,
But I’ve seen that video cards can be pricey to.
Do you have a recommndation?

Edit - quicklly measured the depth of my case, and it’s 15 inches. - I’m rounding up tho
Does that help out that choice?

It really depends on your budget/expectations.
I can definitely recommend the one I use the Radeon H5770 it tears through anything, but is most likely above your price range.
I won’t even get into the whole ATI vs Nvidia thing, I’ll just say this: both are good, Nvidia tends to be better stability and support but they cost a whole lot more. I also like ATI, while they have been known to have driver issues I have not yet had problems with mine and it sure was cheaper than the Nvidia equivalent.

Nvidia = stability + extra cost
ATI = more power for your money

Note: these are my opinions they are not necessarily fact.

EDIT: the measurement doesn’t really tell me alot because the case may be big enough and just not have the proper mounting holes. I did do some research on your motherboard. I looks like its a MicroATX(a small style motherboard) so its possible the case won’t hold anything bigger. Of course you can buy a MicroATX motherboard but they limit your cpu and cost more (usually). The more important part is; does it have the removable plate in the back? if not either you hacksaw it or don’t use the case.

the modem is the one part of your current pc that is a pci card and you can move to the new pc. your sound, ethernet, and video (unless you’ve put in a new videocard already) are all integrated and cant be moved over. if you are planning on useing your same case measure it an make sure the new motherboard will fit.

the parts you can bring over will be your drives, cd dvd and or hard drive, modem, keyboard, mouse, ram (you have a 1 gig dimm) and if you have already bought a new graphics or soundcard those you can bring over, but nobody is going to buy a used pc stripped down that much. if you can sell it for more than it would cost you to buy the equilivant parts you can transfer to your new pc, just sell your pc and apply it tward the cost of the new pc, or even keep it as a backup incase you leave a loose connection on your new pc if you self build and need help figgureing out the problem. you could probably bring over the power supply too but it is so weak it would limit your new pc its only 300 watts which will really limit your choice of video card to probably an old budget card.

your hdd should be a 200 gig hdd, if its only showing 40 it has a problem so get a new hdd too. (unless you ment 40 gigs still free)

if you get an ati card get visiontek…most their cards have lifetime warrantees. it ever burns out you get a new one free. for nvidia cards i believe evga is a brand with lifetime warrantees and bfg is another.

I didn’t think about selling my computer to make up for the cost.
And if something does go wrong in the setup I could bug my sister for her laptop to ask and prod the internet.
About the RAM, I know there’s different types, and that I could get a motherboard that supports the one I have.
But is it worth it to get a new type of RAM, and a motherboard that fits that.

Well your current motherboard currently only has 1GB, but it only support a total of 2GB, leaving you no room for improvement later on. It is DDR2 which is relatively modern but the 2GB limit is gonna hold you back.
At this point it sound more like you upgrading you current computer instead of buying a new one :wink:

Whats your budget? With that info I might be able to help you decide what you should do.

EDIT: without a budget I can suggest anything right? so:

Just kidding XD

ad if he is upgrading rather than a new build that 300 wat psu is going to probably be more limiting than his budget. 1 more gig of ram, about $50, unless the buys a new psu a video card in the $50-70 range is going to be all his oc can handel. i did find a 480 watt psu for his system for $20 which will let him move into the 5770 card like you have. (450 watt psu recomended) with some left to spare. he might even pull of a 5870 since he has a single core pc.

This is exactly why I’m insisting on budget and expectations, he may not want or need that much video power which would allow a lot more money to be spent on other parts. Personally I think it would be crazy to put either of those cards in this system as is it just seems like overkill.
Also I have a full atx case and a 5870 would be tight fit, do you really think it would fit in his case? Granted mine has a very stupidly placed HD rack but still…

EDIT: that sounded overly negative/condescending… so I’ll just add: I do agree with you 100% :slight_smile:

I didn’t think the numbers would get so big.
I had browrsed through the components, saw things under 200. and then they jumped to 500.
The budget, I’d like to stay below 500.
How limiting is that? With the fact that I don’t need INSANE hardware.

So for upgrading what I have, I need to replace my power supply, for a new/better motherboard that hopefulyl fits in my case, but a new case isn’t a problem.
I’d like at least 2GB of RAM, with the option to get more later.
A new CPU, althought i7 is the way to go,
Do you think I should? and hopefully a bundle so I don’t have to worry about the Fan and Sink.
And a better graphics card, which I don’t know.
But we can stick to ATI to save on cost.
Finally harddrive, I didn’t look at the prices, but if keeping my current one means better hardware, then that can be sacrificed.
I mean harddrive is easy to upgrade anyways.I’m comftorble with that.

Sounds like a good plan though an I7 might be pushing it… for your budget AMD might be the better option
EDIT: even the lowest i7 takes out half of your budget and I7 motherboards tend to be pricier…but its up to you

EDIT2: I’m calling it a night, I’ll check back in the morning…

Well I emailed the guy with the computer, and asked what he of 200.
Mainly for the RAM, Harddrives, and Video Card.
Ram:3GB (does have 4 Slots) So I guess that means that the motherboard comes with the 3gb, but four slots, or 3 extra slots?
Video Card:NVIDIA Geforce 8500 GT (Media video card, is compatible with PCI Express)
2 335gb Hard Drives
Although its a media center, so Idk if all those output cables are attached to the motherboard.
And if that outweights a custom build.

Edit- scratch that, he won’t go for 200
and as for the i7, not neccesary, that’s fine.

if money is an issue just go AMD

Honestly only in the upper areas does Intel beat AMD.

The x4 or x6 are not that expensive and when the board itself
is cheaper than an Intel board I would even more go with AMD.

While the i5 can be as fast as the x6 this would then require
an Intel board.

Anyway, when you worked with an P4 those chips will be already
a blast for you!

So I’m looking at the combo deals, motherbaords and cpus (not sure if this is wise)
I think their compatible with each other,
and another one for $10 more

And they both have onboard audo, video, sound, lan.
But does that mean I can replace them, or are they solid?

Well I’ll tell ya what I would do. I would put most of the money into a good future-proof motherboard, this way later on when your budget allows, and when the prices of hardware are lower you still have plenty of room for new upgrades.
Heres a good one I would recommend:

some of the future-proof features that will help make it last:
USB3, just came out still very new but it won’t take long for it to become mainstream
DDR3, currently the latest type of memory
Plenty of RAM and PCI slots
AM3 cpu slot, currently the latest AMD slot

Consider also that this board has a very decent video card integrated that would have no problem running blender or any other 3D application, its not high gaming grade but it is certainly alot better than what you had. So you can save money and not buy a video card for now, then later when you have the money you can add one, this is actually how I built mine.,2659.html that is recomendations for a $545 system if you go that route definantly read the over clocking page. turning the 3 core processor into a 4 core is as easy as pressing f4 at start up to unlock the 4th core on the chip.

one thing to remember is operating systems aren’t included. you’ll either need a windows on linux disk.

Are you still planning on keeping the case? If not then I wouldn’t go with the MicroATX boards, they limit you upgradability… However they do look like Ok combos.

The integrated audio and video simply cannot be removed, however you can always add another video/audo card and disable the old one.,2659.html that is recomendations for a $545 system if you go that route definantly read the over clocking page. turning the 3 core processor into a 4 core is as easy as pressing f4 at start up to unlock the 4th core on the chip.

Thats actually a really good combo, unfortunately that motherboard is no longer available from newegg.
And I don’t know about the powercooler version of the 5770, that heat sink looks kinda sketchy…

Alright I’ll just go with a new case, and stick with alladorfs motherboard.
I have a question about the harddrives.
My old one that came with this computer, started making clicking noises and then died.
So I switched it with one from an old computer we had lying around.
It doesn’t use the red cables tho, will that be a problem with that motherboard? the mother board seems to be avalible. myself i would choose the visiontek 5770 its $10 more but has the lifetime warranty.

the hard drive should switch over, and it will already have an os on it.

By not using red cables I assume you mean it still uses the older flat ribbon ide cables instead of SATA cables.
The motherboard I posted has only one IDE port so as long as your CD/DVD drive uses SATA it will work fine, otherwise you’ll have to get a new one of either.



So two routes now
Motherboard - 84
Video - 159
RAM - 100? - 2GB is fine for now
CPU -an AMD x4 thing? these are around 100
Case&powersupply combo -

alladorf -
Motherboard + RAM combo - 300
Video card not needed
CPU -an AMD x4 thing? these are around 100