Good Computer Offer?

Strange, it was showing up as out-of-stock for me, it must have been an older version of the same model…

I had a 5770 like that one for a short while but I traded mine in for the kind with the better heat-sink ( I didn’t like the egg-shaped one) this is the one I currently have and I prefer this heat-sink over any I’ve had so far. It blows the hot air out the back instead of up into my CPU. I also noticed my water-cooling for the cpu was much more efficient once I switched to this one because less hot air was flowing through the radiator.

I think the DVd/CD drive also uses the ribbon cables, but I backup to a USB stick anyways so that’s not a problem.
Unless the CD drive is SATA compatible, I never looked into it.

Adding this here for easier nav.
So two routes now
Motherboard - 84
Video - 159
RAM - 100? - 2GB is fine for now
CPU - an AMD x4 thing? these are around 100
Case&powersupply combo -

alladorf -
Motherboard + RAM combo - 300
Video card not needed
CPU - an AMD x4 thing? these are around 100

That’s rather interesting. I am just about to buy a quad core 955be, but I didn’t know that you could turn a triple core into a quad core. Should I save my money and get a 3 core instead?

WOW, i thought you were trying to save money? 8GB of ram seems a bit much don’t ya think? Thats cutting alot out of your budget.

EDIT: I definitely think you should go for at leas a phenom processor, athons are really outdated at this point.
How about this deal?
RAM is something where you can start low and add on while processors you have to replace so it makes sense to spend more money on the processor.

Well thats a combo, and means not needing to upgrade RAM for a long time.
Getting just the motherboard would be fine,
Would my current RAM stick be compatible?

See my previous edit for some of these answers…
No your old RAM is not compatible, I’d just stick with 2-4GB for now cause you can always add on.

Ok, lets go with that combo then.
Is it ok with the heatsink it comes with?
And now I just need new RAM sticks, and case, power.
The motherboard doesn’t come with RAM right?
RAM - 4GB, $99
Is that good? It’s the DDR3

I used my stock heatsink for a couple years before I got watercooling, it worked fine.

No it wont come with RAM but its not hard to find some personally I recommend G-Skill there support and lifetime warranty is the best I’ve ever dealt with.

Heres a case/power supply combo that should work for you:

There are some that are much cheaper but I’m also looking at quality and reviews.

EDIT: the RAM you posted would work fine. I don’t have any experience with OCZ but they are well known so I’m pretty sure they will be good quality.

I’m gonna keep looking for case and powersupply combo’s.
Cause right now I’m sitting at 350, and I haven’t looked at the shipping costs yet.

Here’s a 65$, but 340W,
What was that about limiting power supply?

Shipping is usually pretty cheap when you buy everything at once because newegg will pack them together.
That power supply will work fine as long as you don’t plan on adding an external video card but the minimum recommended for the 5770 is 450W so you would have to replace it if you want a video card.

While looking at cases something to consider: Look for Mid or Full ATX and try to find one with at least one fan with good reviews. Many times the cheap “cool looking” ones have poor air circulation and are made very flimsy.

What about this one:

Or if you want to go real cheap:

This ones a MidTower, 585Watts. and $56.
Plus the reviews are pretty positive, and sounds like it’s pretty easy and good for assembling your first ocmputer.
Just some speculation about the powersupply.

There is certainly nothing fancy about it but it would definitely work for you.

and one more, for $33, and a free card reader O_o.
Only thing I don’t like is the “eye lights”, but another set of good reviews.
So I guess that wraps things up.

Found this set from your ealier post.
It’s an Anthlom, so should I forget about it?
4GBRAM, but a MicroATX Mot.board
and its $305

That first case isn’t my cup of tea either as far as the design, its an alienware knock-off but as far as the case specifications it looks good.

The combo is a little outdated, its basically a high end last generation computer, its not a bad computer by any means but it doesn’t leave as much room for improvement. Nor is it as future-proof.
In the end its your decision its all about whats important to you.

Some of the triple cores actually are made from the defective die of the quad core meaning that the fourth core is still there it just didn’t meet specifications. Enabling it is a simple as a CMOS setting but they don’t always work and can’t guarantee stability.

I think I’d rather spend the extra amount, for easier upgrades.
So I’m summary, for future readers, and myself.
Motherboard+CPU Combo - $ 255
4GB RAM DDR3 -$ 99
Case&PowerSupply - $34 (the alieneye, just to save some money)

So a big thank you afalldorf, rdo3, and cekuhnen.
I’ve defintly learned quite a bit, if I have any problems I’ll post again.
Next upgrade will either be more RAM, or an external video card.
But I may not neet help. =O
Once more, thank you for all your info, patience, and time.

Good luck, I hope everything works as expected. Looks like you managed to stay within the budget.
FYI the link for the case and power is wrong. Its linked to the RAM

The guy is obviously lying about having a quad core processor because of the “intel 2 core duo sticker” but if you have no knowledge of hardware like you said in the first post its nothing to feel bad about, and considering you don’t it was probably a good idea to post the question on blenderartist before buying it.

Did you read any of the thread? While what you say is true, its kinda off topic at this point. :wink: