Good day : I have a very newbie question.. Mesh screwed up.

I don’t know what’s the right word for this. When I tried to move the bones. My mesh screwed up. The method that I’ve used. I created a model and clothes individually. And join them as whole. Edit: then I parent my armature to my model.

I don’t want anything fancy though… I just wonder why my mesh screwed up when I try to move the bones. :expressionless: Sorry if this question have been answered. I just don’t know the right word to look for it.



almost never will your armature work “out of the box” just by parenting with automated weights.
Bevor doing anything else you should make sure that all your bones are inside your mesh.
Secondly you either go in and do weight painting for the problematic bones by hand OR you could use something like BlenRig, which has a mesh deform cage set up (you could manifacture one of those on your own, too, of course).

In any case: You will have to invest some time to make your armatures work.

Thanks for your kind reply, I’ll post my progress later. :smiley: