Good desktop calenders?

I’m looing for a good free desktop calender

i downloaded xdeskcal and I really like it,
only problem is in 12 days i have to pay $15
for it

any ideas?

This is a half-good solution but… If you use windows. You could find a calendar online, and use as a desktop background. Or if you’re good in php, code one by yourself.

…I think i’m going to make one myself :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use windows.

… just double-click the clock in the task pane.

I use an older version of Webshots Desktop (before all the adware) that puts a calendar right in the wallpaper. PM me if ya wanna copy.

I think he means a calendar to put notes and stuff in, and it should always be there, no clicking and stuff!

Rainlendar works pretty well for that sort of thing. Might not be what you need, but check it out here:

Something like this sounds like what you need:

It’s a calendar widget with note taking abilities and you get to it by hitting F12. The bad news is that it is Mac only and runs under Dashboard but the good news is there is an alternative to Dashboard that works on Windows. Other bad news is that I don’t know if there is a widget like that one above for it. Other good news is that konfabulator is free and there may be some widget that will suit your needs:

hey thanks, the rainlender is really good, got a lot of cool skins too