Good features that could be added into Blender

Hello everyone, what do you think would be worthwhile features that could be added into Blender? For the armature system, I reckon adding a footstep mode like 3ds Max would benefit everyone. I also think providing a Biped-like armature system, so it could be easier to rig and start animating? There could be many great additions related to rigging that could go into Blender. I mean, there are plenty of things they’ve implemented into it, but I think there could be more. Just one thing, I know some of you might say that Blender will become too similar to 3ds Max, but what do you think?

Okay, maybe I should look into rigify…

I say if you want it, then make it. Its the beauty (and curse) of open source

This is a good site for seeing/making blender suggestions:

Assuming everyone in the world are professional programmers of course…

You don’t have to be a professional programmer to code blender. Ton himself was self taught. My point is that if you really want a feature you can make it.
Beggars cant be choosers

Um…I need to learn code at some point.

Anyways a feature I wouldnt mind seeing are BGE portals :cool:

I’m sure this has come up multiple times, but I’m still aching for a Normal Map bake cage.