Good food

Hello everyone. I would like to create a still life scene with some good food such as grapes, parmigiano, other fruits maybe bread and so on. Then maybe add a good glass of wine and put everything on a nice table.

I decided that I will create the elements one by one and then composite the final scene.

I started with the grapes and the parmigiano (well actually I took references from grana padano :smiley: )

With the grape I am quite satisfied with the result so far, but I am trying to find the way to have a flexible model in order to place it quite easily where I want without the need to change the model too much.

The cheese is still a wip. I think the material is on the right way, but I feel it still need some tweaking. Here is the result so far!

I used the blender internal because of the sss. I love this engine (I love also cycles thou :smiley: ) and for this reason I really hope that the micro render project will see its final stage! Having the BI faster, improved and with GI is some kind of a wet dream :smiley:

C&C are welcome!

Since you said you needed to work on the cheese, the only thing I have in mind, is that you add more grapes on the vine. You can’t have all that cheese without a big bunch of grapes.

The cheese is good. The grapes are great!

I tried to work some more on the cheese. Is really hard to get detail out of the SSS. I am afraid that to achieve a really good result I will have to rethink quite heavily the displacement of the mesh (there are various modifiers and textures involved). Anyway I think it improved a little.

The real problem is that the material is quite heavy. The whole scene use pretty heavy materials in general and the shadow sample are quite high to remove the noise, but the render time was 33 minutes on my i7 750 (and 11 on the i7 2600k at work).

I am really curious to know how micro render would do since is definitely faster than the internal. Unluckly it still do not have the sss, but the developer told me it could be included already from the next version… cannot wait!

Take your time. Don’t rush yourself. It looks really good so far. :slight_smile:

yesterday I also did some test for some pears… I finished late in the night and I believe I still need to work on them… what do you think?

Hi Sdados,

How is your still life coming along? I once played around with making something similar, a glass of wine, some balsamic vinegar and a chunk of parmiagano, and getting the texture right on the parmiagano was definitely difficult. I think yours is looking very good, although maybe you need a bit more SSS or transparency for it to look right? Also, the cheese looks a bit green/gray and should be more yellow, IMO. I hope you keep working on it!

Hi Threediva. Still working on it, had a little break for holidays! Yes, the parmigiano is quite tricky to get right, actually I am thinking to rethink the displacement setup of it, because I would like to have a more irregular surface without loosing the SSS effect. Right now I cannot increase the sss for I would lose the surface details… that’s why I want to change it a bit. The color could be due to the not correct color correction I applied. I didn’t loose too much time with that, since I will have to assemble the scene, and it will need to be changed again.

Anyway right now I am putting the bases for every element of the scene. I will come back on the cheese later…

I did some bread and the wine.

For the bread I think the material is quite ok (still it can be improved) but I definetely need to work on the shape of the crust along the edge…

For the wine it is also coming along fine I think, but here I encountered a problem related to the BI. I added in compositing some dof, but as you can see it is not visible through the glass… I think this is because blender uses the zdepth to calculate it, which does not take in consideration the transparency… Some idea to work around the problem?

looking nice

can you show some nodes set up for these

the last one for bread did you use a proc texture or image texture ?


actually I used the internal for every render you see, so there is no node setup :smiley:

here is the bread interior material anyway

I used a procedural texture as alpha and bump map. There are several “layers” to create a bit of volume inside the bread.

i tought it was done in cycles

but even for internal it is looking nice