Good Free Video Editor for Linux?

Does anybody know any good video editor for Linux other then Kino? I’m using the Fedora Distrobution if that helps :p… I got Kino from my repository, but I want something more then just the basics…, and I can’t seem to find a working mirror of OpenMovieEditor… Any suggestions? The name and maybe a link would be nice :smiley:

Thanks for your support guys,

You can always try Cinelerra. From what I remember, this is the one of the main areas where Linux needs a comparable app to the Windows / Mac world.

kdenlive is starting to look promising.


That’s what I decided to get… It looks really nice, the blue screen effect is cool… Plus… I found it in my repository! yay!

@PhiBo: I was actualy going for Cinelerra first and I downloaded the .rpm file, but it didn’t see, to work :frowning: oh well, thanks for the help!

i personally found Blender to be the best video editor for Linux…

Yeah, unfortunately that is true. This is one of the weakest areas in the open source toolset.

Blender is the best one I know of, Cinelerra may arguably have more features, but its so unstable and crashes so easily that its basically unusable.

I have used Cinelerra and never experienced any crashes at all…
I don’t know where all of this "instability " people talk about is coming from

Kdenlive has a lot simpler interface though

Cinelerra can be great sometimes. If you build it yourself, it can be stable, and if you already know Avid, the interface isn’t that bad. My main complaints about it are that exporting is difficult and that dealing with image sequences is clunky. I have high hopes for Lumiera, which is a major UI rewrite for Cinelerra.

Blender is my main favorite, and I use it most of the time, but it’s not the one I recommend. Like everything else Blender does, it’s really fast and powerful once you get into it, but if a person is unfamiliar with Blender, they’ll just think it’s too weird. On this forum, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Kdenlive is the one I reccomend in most circumstances. I particularly like the way that it doesn’t try to do everything itself. For example, it integrates well with Audacity for sound mastering and Gimp for titles, instead of forcing us to use their own lousy title generator. The export presets are also very convenient.

There’s also Pitivi, Lives, DIVA, Open Movie Editor, and Kino, but I don’t really like those very much.

I also use DVgrab to capture miniDV & HDV tapes, and that program is wonderful. FFmpeg is also very useful. Both of these are CLI apps.