good games

ok so in my infinite boredom with my games i currently have (oblivion, two worlds, the witcher, hellgate, w40k dawn of war + expansions, portal, bioshock, call of duty 4, the list goes on and on) i was wondering if any of you could suggest any good games to play. I like games from all categories rts, rpg, fps, mmorpg, god games, sims, and im looking for good games in any of these categories, the only requirement that i have is that it at least has to have 3d graphics or if not really good gameplay other than that im not picky. If you could also help me out on one more thing does anyone know of any games that are like stranded 2 but a little bit longer and a little bit more in-depth, I mean one that has a really in-depth crafting system and is focused on creating items instead of killing things

Here are some free ones,,com_remository/Itemid,40/func,select/id,49/

Here is a place to find more great, open source ones.

Freelancer pwns

i forgot to mention price doesnt matter they can be free or lots o money

I only got one game - Civ 4.

There’s World in Conflict, but I suck at that game on medium and there’s no skirmish.

C&C3 is good. Disadvantage is that some civilian buildings and cars are indestructable, which is lazy.

I’d get Burnout Paradise if you have an Xbox 360, at least you have your cool crashes when the game finally comes out.

hmm a lot of these games look real fun and i may get some of them but does anyone know of any games that are more crafting oriented like stranded 2 where it is a first person building kinda thing not a flying over the land builder

Another good on is age of empires iii - this is quite cheap at moment, but I haven’t bought it.

3D is overrated if a game has style, gameplay and story.

If you want to build things in first person, get Half-Life 2 (if you dont have it, just get the orange box… tons of great games there for <$50) and Garry’s Mod 10. is an example of GMod

cave story rocks! I love that little game. Brings me back to the old SNES days.
Great joystick control, and fun gameplay.
Gameplay reminds me of the first metroid, and kid Icarus.

here is yet another good side scroller, platform game.

made with Pygame.
pretty well put together little game.

Tales of SYmphonia! Tales of SYmphonia! Its kinda old, but has a fantastic story, lots of sidewuests an character development, and awesome combat. For craftng, you can cook, which is cool :smiley: I really recommend it.

What about Super Smash Bros. Brawl and melee? Brawl looks awwwwwesome! Lots of options, but melee is already out. That is probably my favorite game. So many stupid things to play with :smiley:

i like the game renegade-command and conquer

…it looks like models i could do with blender

ill check out some of the other games
urban terror

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl is what im playing atm.

Gish is A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth

Team Fortress 2.

It takes a much different route than most FPS games, not only does it have an awesome style, and it’s centralized around FUN, but it’s very team-oriented, and also class-based.

I definitely recommend it. Or just get the whole Orange Box. :smiley:

I’ll second Team Fortress 2. The entire Half-Life series is also good. Psychonauts is hillarious, made by the same guy that did Full Throttle.

My favorite growing up was the Descent series. 1 and 2 are great, I wasn’t as much of a fan of 3 even though it looked better. Freespace 2 totally rocks and it’s completely open source now. The single player is fun as well as the multiplayer

If you guys are fortress fans try this:

Much more like the old fortress games than TF2, the biggest difference is grenades!

Chess!? :rolleyes: