Good Graphics Card for Cycles

This is a overasked question by far, but I will ask it again. What is a good choice as a graphics card for a new desktop for rendering with GPU acceleration in cycles. My original choice due to what everyone agrees on was to get a Nvidia GTX580. Then the GTX780’s came out and although they didn’t score quite as well on the benchmarks there were some question about whether or not, with further driver updates, whether it would perform better. Or is it worth spending the extra money and gettting a Titan.


Hi, the GTX 580 3GB is still a very good card but GTX 780 is much faster.
Look at spreadsheet from MikePan:

You can search with ctrl+f in the sheet.
Titan is more faster and has the 6 GB VRam benefit but also multo $$$.
May you think about 2 GTX 760/770 4 GB, for example 780 need 30 seconds for BMW benchmark the 770 46 seconds but two GTX 760 need 36 seconds.
It is much smoother to work with 2 cards, one for render and the other one for display.
For final render you switch to both cards.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks for the reply,
I like the idea of two GTX 760’s which would run at about $550, but if I got 1 GTX 780 or 770, at about $700 and $450. Then I could always upgrade to two at some point.

By the way, would a Intel i7-3930k be a good pick for two 760’s or one 780?


but if I got 1 GTX 780 or 770, at about $700 and $450. Then I could always upgrade to two at some point.

Yes, but keep in mind GTX 780 has “only” 3 GB of VRAM, the card with the lowest memory limit all other cards.
For example, you have a Titan 6 GB and a 780 3 GB you are limited to 3 GB if you use both cards.
The Intel i7-3930k is a bit oversized/priced if you render with GPU but not bad to have one of the fastest 6 core CPU on earth. :slight_smile:
An i5 or i7 quad is sufficiently dimensioned and you can use the integrated GPU for display, work very good for Blender.
Tested with my i5-3570K HD 4000.

Cheers, mib.

There is a 4 GB version of the 770, and I would say thats a really good start. And you could upgrade to another 770 later on as you say yourself. What graphics card do you have in your current PC?

I have been currently running Blender on a laptop. Which models ok, but runs slow once you start to render. It has a AMD workstation level card, although I forget which one. Thanks for your help. I think that I will go with one 770 4GB and upgrade later if I need to.

The reason I am planning on getting one that high-end is that I do a lot of work with Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Which are all CPU intensive. Plus, it is easier to spend a extra $100 dollars now, then $500 later. I plan on going with the 770 4GB, that way I have at least 4GB of VRAM and I doubt I will ever have a scene any larger than that.

Thanks for your help

You can also find in that spreadsheet that two GTX 580 have rendered the BMW in 26 seconds.
I’ve just bought MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr II 3GB for $272 and I think it could still be the best option to combine two such cards together… and even one GTX 580 is faster/equal to GTX 770 but it costs half of the price.