Good graphics card?

Hey what would be a good graphics card to get for my PC. I am going for fairly cheap but will run a pretty great frame rate.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
250GB Hard Drive
350W Power Supply

Maybe this? I don’t know the power supply it needs.
heres all my specs


This is the card running in my desktop:

And it handles plenty of things just fine. In fact, it maxes all the games I play. However, about the most demanding game I play is Guild Wars >.<

As for power consumption, the more important stat to look at is amps on the 12volt rail.

EDIT: I looked at the Web page you posted, and it doesn’t state the amps. You may have to look at the power supply itself to get this information.

Also, it looks like an 8600 GT requires about 300~350Watt and 22~ amps on the 12volt.

That card will work fine in your system zootanore, if that’s in your pricerange, then I’d go for it.

I might recommend, if you can find one, to go with the brands XFX or BFG. They both have very top-notch warranties and support. I had an AGP 6800GT, and when it broke (after about 2 years, the card started overheating) I RMAed it and they actually sent me a superier card (Geforce 7600GT, about the same power wise but better shader support) to replace it.

If you can find one, go with those brands, otherwise eVGA will work.

That card that I posted a link to is an XFX card, and it runs great :smiley:

for reals? i play GW too! or I used to play. but it’s one of the best games ever if you ask me.

I’m an Assassin/Monk, how about you?

orz… and to answer the question, I say get at least 3GB RAM if you are going to bother with a GPU upgrade, after that I recommend a 8800GT card as it works really well with the BGE from my experience and 8800GTs aren’t that expensive anymore,

and the Moguri is right XFX is one of the best constructed cards around, with double warranty on it, i tried another card and the construction was not as good as the XFX

other manufactorer’s I recommend are Zotac and EVGA

Isn’t 3GB of RAM and an 8800GT a bit much? Of course it will run things well, but you probably don’t need that much power. Granted, more RAM couldn’t hurt :wink:

Also, kay_Eva: I haven’t played if a while either, but I would just play whatever (mostly PvP). However, no Factions :frowning: