Good guides to start with

Hi guys.
I’ve just decided to try blender. I’ve always found 3d design fascinating but apart from some 3ds max tutorials years ago I havent done anything. Recently I decided I’d like to design some custom DOTA 2 items and I started looking up how.

While I’m confident after viewing the Tutorials I’d be able to edit the existing models in a limited way I though it best to start learning blender from scratch before digging into creating my own stuff.

I’m currently following the guides on I’m on the second guide making the castle.

I was wondering if you guy had any advice on particularly good guides to get me started or some good learning material to follow up with once I’m done with these basic guides.

I would appreciate your opinions guys. Thanks for reading.

I can really recommend the Cookie crew, I believe they now even run this site too.

Here’s the basics series, but just go through the tutorials and you’ll find something on any and every topic you’re interested in…

Thanks I’ve just taken a very quick look and it looks good. Most significantly its got a what to do after you’ve done the basics bit.

I also find if your struggling with a particular topic its good to revisit it but better to revisit it from a different perspective rather than following the same guide.

Thank you for your time the advice is much appreciated