"Good Guys" (BLEngine)

A custom engine, not the Blender Game Engine. Anyways here is my newest work. Every day listed on my journal is a day I worked on this game. So any day not listed is a day I didn’t work on it.

For every feature added, I make it non-programmable. The functionality you see here could be created in less than an hour (not including art).

Please check my development journal at www.p-o-p-games.com to read more.

If you have any funny weapon ideas, or anything, feel free to share. The game has a pretty funny plot.

And some random screens:

In action:


The animations need alot of work. Other wise it looks pretty nice! :slight_smile:

If it gets funded, I will definitely get an artist :wink:

Nice work! It takes a decent amount of effort to convert a sketch to 3D. As for funny weapon ideas, how about an explosive coconut (coconut bomb)? Or perhaps the scientist guy could throw heavy textbooks?