Good Guys

Check out the alpha stage video. Playable demo coming really soon.

Would love to have you guys give the engine a try, but it doesn’t support all the customizations for every type of game at this point.

Looks quite interesting, although the AI could use a strategic overhaul.


The game looks decent, the gameplay looks very choppy, add slow parenting on the camera, will make it much smoother.

The logic and scripting looks decent though, 2 thumbs up =)

I’m sure once you add in animations this will come out to be a great game.

Keep up the good work =)

-[Killer]-: He’s not using the Blender Game Engine itself, he’s using his own engine plugged into Blender called BLEngine.

His goal is to put together a powerful engine where you can do any type of game or logic by just typing in properties and not have to use code.

if i had money i think i would endorse this.:slight_smile:

Choppiness isn’t as bad when you actually play it.

There are animations in for shooting as such, but my engine is overriding those when you play the shoot animation. Which in the end obviously only certain bones should play shooting, while the legs can still walk. This will be added later.

AI is already on its way. It currently just walks towards the player till close enough to shoot. I just put in a ray trace so that if the enemy were too shoot and its bullet wont hit within 4 units of the player, it will get closer to the player. The logic behind that is that if a player is ducked behind a desk, the AI would most likely still try to shoot because it is a logical shot, but if the player is behind multiple desks, the AI would know that it couldn’t shoot through that much stuff.

I just contacted a music composer that I had on my contact list, and I already put in some gun effects which make the game way nicer. Oh and suicide bomber aliens that hold bricks of dynomite and run at you.