Good hair day...


I’m working on this closup of hairstrands (like with an electron microscope).
It’s not finished yet, I wanna add some more artefacts, maybe lice or so…

Hope you like it





try coloring it.
looks realistic.
keep the work up!

Interesting concept. You might try a voronoi cell texture on the skin to make it more skin like.

Looks like an idea, but what is that, a voronoi cell?



p.s.: thnx for the feedback

In your texture panel, one of the noise options for some of the texture types is called Voronoi, and it comes in several varieties. The Voronoi Cell noise can make nice cell shaped textures.

Did you use procedural or an image for the texture of the hair or is it modeled?

Hair 's got a painted texture for collor and bump, so does the skin!
I’ll post a screenshot of the blenderfile. There you’ll see the composite nodes for the fake DOF as well.

I’ll give that cell a try :slight_smile: altough I was looking for something existing to model. Like little bug or so…



It looks good but i was thinkin the holes in the head were the hair comes out should be a little smaller chouldnt they?

there’s always a little gap for sweating and some other functions i guess…but you might be right :slight_smile:

That is really cool!

I changed some settings, wich bring things a bit more to life.
Check also the screenshot of my node rig/setup.




Now, add some dustmites and it’ll be perfect!

No, but it does look really nice. :slight_smile:

Put some lice in there and contribute it to all the parents that thought that lice are the thing of the past :wink:

Lice are in the make!!!