Good hair, my kingdom for good hair

I have been practicing a lot but am having loads of trouble. If anyone who knows how to make great looking hair, please help. I need to make hair for a person that is combed back then goes into a braid (i’ve seen the tut) can I get a step by step? I need it to finish my second head model, my first looked pretty good except for the, you guessed it, the hair.


look at Klaus by… forgot his name… in the W.i.p. section i believe… somewhere in it he explains how he did the hair:D

Thanks, BFM, that helps but I can’t wait till they make it so Blender will be able to style the hair like moving vertices that I do on the face.
Let me go back and practice. I’m not holding out much hope though.


You can do it now, you’ll just have to use a massive number of guide curves.

I recently posted an example of a hairdo I did in my thread Trog’s Salon For Ugly Meshes over in the Blender Tests section. I followed with a little explanation. See if it suits your needs. Good luck!

The main problems I have are adding another bezier curve does nothing, it has no power, just stays there but nothing happens to hair. The second problem is when I stretch the hair using the first bezier curve it pulls the hair off or almost off the emiter so the front of the head is bald.


about it not affecting it, this already happened to me, check if they are in the same layer, the mesh and the curve, if not use m hotkey to change its layers.