Good Idea for A Blender Add-on

I know I Know, nobody cares about ideas that wont actually go anywhere… but i had this idea and i just had to post it, maybe someone can do something with it…

so my idea is to place spheres on everything when you enter a particular mode, and if you click the sphere you can adjust the amount of bounces of light each object has and by moving the sphere across the objects vertical plane, you can decide how any sunlamp or somehthing producing that much light will effect the Mesh that has its
Light Sphere selected…idk, i just thought it was a good idea

Lemme know whatcha think…cause i was wondering if someone else with a little blender knowledge would like to help me compile a beta code…i think this will be really useful and quick for people to be able to set up how a light effects something, instead of adding a crapload of lights, you can add one or two sunlamps and then use the Light Spheres to determine how each object is effected :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and i got the idea from Maya’s new feature for in game setups, which uses this same basic concept to decide how something will be affected by light as a character runs through a section

So in short your post is: Why blender has not this cool maya feature yet???

well i think you cn already do that if you set texture mode or shaded mode and also in GLSL mode!
but depends what you need to see!

when you move lamp you can see light effect and shadows too i think

happy 2.5

but i mean its complete settings in jsut one little ball, basically its a sphere that as you move it (you dont need to move the light) it sets up how the one light effects that object and how much.
The light then will never need to be moved, and you wont ever need to change you light or add in little area lamps or anything, because the orb also lets you choose the color of light hitting it and how the light bounces and how many bounces the light recieves

not really, well in a way, but i believe that if i had some help, i could implement this as an addon…see below posts for details on what i would like to help it do, and how much of an ease of workflow it would be

don’t think you can control the number of bounces light does in blender
so not certain how this could be done
or may be with area light it can be done !

we are preparing a new script for light set up

if you have a good description may be we can add this effect
but never seen this one before
so better havea very good description fo this !

happy 2.5

maybe you could set the “light sphere” (as i like to call it) in my idea to emit light based on how much light it is recieving and how much light it recieves.
the basic idea is this:
As you move your “light sphere” (no better name for it) the light that is effecting the object the lightsphere is connected to will change
say you have light in the upper right corner and you want the light to bounce in odd directions off of a particularly advanced metal texture.
you would move the light sphere (across a vertical plane connected to the mesh) and in doing so you will effect the object the light sphere is connected to by changing

wait better example…

say you have a material with its wieghts applied to an empty (this is done all the time with blender)
instead of a texture applied this way, it would be light, and how the light effects something.

hows that? better example?