Good idea to unlock more technical variables for procedurals, like nabla value has?

I’m wondering, would it be possible and useful to allow for tweaking of more technical variables in the procedural textures? An example of how it could be useful was when we were first allowed to tweak the nabla value sometime in the 2.3x versions.

It may be a technical variable that not everyone understands but the usefulness could be invaluable as I found, increasing the sharpness or style of the bump of the texture that had great usefulness for many things in a number of projects of mine.

I wonder, what other technical variables in the code could you bring to the UI and have some good use? I’d imagine it wouldn’t take too much new code, mainly just some UI code to allow tweaking of an already existing variable in the code.

An example could be a new setting for the voronoi texture distance algorithm menu called “custom”, it would then unlock several variables already in the code that determine the distance algorithm for user tweaking.

What do you think, should the devs. unlock more already existing technical variables in the code for user tweaking in certain procedural textures like they have done years ago with the Nabla value? Not everyone may understand them but playing with them would be encouraged.

Mh the pynodes could be something like this.
It is too bad that they are so slow - it would be great incase like with C4D the could also be compiled into faster running code.