Good interior 2.8 tutorials for a beginner?

I have done the donut tutorial by blender guru and i think i have learned a lot.I have seen other interior tutorials by him but they are not for blender 2.80.I have made the donut tutorial in 2.8 and there was a lot of searching and researching where all the option in the new version are.Is there something out there that is good for beginners but where i can learn to make a room with furniture and lighting and archiviz in general?I saw a tutorial series here but dont know if it is good for an “intermediate beginner”.Thank you

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There’s some good stuff in here:

Not the cheapest tutorial course, but he has some free 2.80 beginner tutorials and some other stuff you can watch to see if you like it. You also get quite a few of their commercial (as well as free) assets and scenes with the course, so from that point of view it’s a lot more value than you get from some.

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I always like CG Geek’s stuff. He always explains things well and has a sense of humour, which is good thing. This is for a bedroom he did in 2.8, might be worth a look if you haven’t seen it.

Oh these have been all the rage the past few months

Here is a tutorial series I made teaching the basics for beginners in Blender 2.8

I’ve heard that a new player entered the game. hehe

Wow,thank you guys for the replies,really appreciate the help.I think i am gonna skip those fast tutorials where blender guru and and others create something like a kitchen in 15 min,at least for my next tutorial.It is still too much for me i think.I still wanna see it in depth how something is created with a few informations and tips.

I’m like you and than I started interior tutorial from chocofur and was blown away! You need to try it! Its awsome!

@Zoot has already mention it.