Good Laptop for Blender?

I don’t know if this question is asked a lot or not, but I’m interested to know.

In about 2 weeks I’m going to basic training for the military, and when I get out of that portion of my training I go into something called AIT which is where i learn my job. I really enjoy blender and i currently only have a desktop so I’m looking for a nice laptop I could buy once I’m out of basic training and in AIT.

So far this is the one I’m looking at:;jsessionid=F5BEA9C803A4D82156325EFAF8EAF3C5.bbolsp-app02-167?id=1218954923465&skuId=8937112&st=asus%20g75&cp=1&lp=2#tab=specifications

Mainly I need a laptop with a solid gpu because I mainly use cycles.

So does anyone have any better suggestions or do you think this is the best I could get?

My budget is around the price range of the laptop linked ($1250) I’m willing to go over that but not by much. $1500 at most.

Thanks in advance for any help : )

It’s pretty good actually and not a bad price for such a strong laptop. Thanks for serving. :slight_smile:

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M? You shouldn’t think much. with 768 Cuda Cores I think it will rock with Cycles!

I don’t know if this question is asked a lot or not, but I’m interested to know.

Almost half of the threads in Technical Support are about hardware purchasing advice and/or GPU rendering.

Judging from the recent CPU performance improvements and from comparable GPUs (like the GTX675MX) in the benchmarks, this GPU should be more or less as fast as the CPU.
Only the very top-end mobile GPUs significantly outperform CPUs. Also, the CUDA cores in the 5xx series are “worth” more than in the 6xx/7xx series, in terms of performance.

Yea, I think it will actually do better than my current desktop gpu too which is kinda funny. It’s a 560 ti and it only has about half as many CUDA cores as this laptops gpu.

This card is a kepler, they have 3x the CUDA cores for little more performance. If anything the 560ti will be slightly faster because the 765 is a laptop card. Only thing it has over the 560ti is memory.

I’m sorry I can’t find where to launch a new post, so anyone who reads this and can help, your answer is valued.
I am on a laptop and don’t have the ability to pan around.
I can’t find the setting to have a laptop pan , I was wondering can you please tell me your configuration for a laptop ??