good looking explosion in bge

Id like to ask if there is a tutorial out there for an actually good looking explosion? I mean one that could be in a more complex game while still having a decent effect on the player?

What is considered a good looking explosion ? Ray-traced volumetric particles with scattering and everything on it or just image planes ? You can use sprite animation on multiple image planes but that is slow and looks ugly when geometry is intersecting so you have to do fade to transparency on all overlaps. Like, soft particles. It’s not happening without GLSL complications.

There are tutorials on how to render explosions in Cycles and then you take those images and make a sprite sheet out of them.
Blender doesn’t seem to have a sprite sheet renderer or render mode or plugin.

That example that “the_cannibal” mentioned looks pretty good but you can still see the image planes and where polygons intersect. It’s not doing any soft particle tricks or volumetrics.