Good Low Poly Character Tutorial

Found this via Cgtalk…

I haven’t read it word for word but it covers setup, modeling, unwrapping and texturing of a low poly character, one with a suitable poly count for a blender game.
Its written for 3DS max but from what i’ve seen it can all be applied to blender and there are a lot of pictures that describe the steps.

All in all a pretty in depth tutorial in my opinion, well worth looking at.

hey nice, thanks for this :slight_smile:

very nice tutorial (just finished reading it) - the modeling is easy to translate to blender and he does a great job of explaining hair

WOW , thanks …

great tutorial for explaining how to do hair …

thanks again for sharing this

Great, thank you. I was looking for low poly a couple weeks ago and told to go to the magazine, but it didnt have anything. LOL.

The only thing here that bothers me is the side view with the arms at side. I think its easier to model with them at shoulder height.

Thanks this will help me a lot

Great tutorial, but not exactly low-poly enough for the blender game engine :mad:

I think 2000+ polygons is too much for any single character that would be used in blender’s game engine.

Thanks for the tut Blenderage

I thought it had too many tris’ , but the texturing part was priceless to me and inspiring too. Its a good tute when you learn even a couple of new things, eh?

it will work for me definitely:yes:

thanks :wink:

Now I’m trying to find a good head modelling tutorial to complement it…anybody know of one?

Thanks, this is a great tutorial.
Here is a model I did from the same technique:
Mine wasn’t as good as theirs, but the body vertice count came up around 570.

the modeling is easy to translate into blender

What in 3d$ max is easy to do but hard to do in blender? (I don’t have max).

Now I’m trying to find a good head modelling tutorial to complement it…anybody know of one?

I think that the techniques for low poly head modeling are very similar to high res head modeling. Good references, good edge loop/polygon flow etc ive seen load of pics demonstrating this, i’ll post one if you like though. I think its one of those things you have to get a feel for.

I actually learned a lot from taking the makehuman hi res head and trying to model a low poly version over it, that way you get the general proportions and edge loops in the right places.

Yah, if you don’t mind, would you put up a head tutorial? It would be great for some of us.

I agree! A couple monthes ago, I was able to make a fairly good, low poly 3d human model just from building it over the makehuman model. It’s a great way to get the feel for low-poly modeling, and how people actually look like.

Hey! Had someone message me that you guys were talking about my tut here. Never would have thought to post it in a Blender forum ^_^;;

Anyways, I wrote this tut. Glad you like it, and that it can help you out even though you use a different app.

Like I mentioned in the tut, I’ve actually written a tutorial (like 1-2 years ago) on head modeling. It’s here:

But it’s not really a technique I find very useful for really low-poly modeling. I don’t even use it exactly like this anymore either ^^;; I sort of do patches - like I’ll do the eye, the nose and mouth - get them all shaped right and then build in the space between them.

But like I said - not good for low-low-poly.
For a real low-low poly head, i usually do box modeling.

Any way - the model character model in the char model tut is actually around PSP game engine spec, for polycount. Textures too (except for our characters at work, once I finish the texture I have to res it down to 16-colors – Bleh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Again, thank you very much :slight_smile:

It really helped to shape up my modeling skills. I still have a long way to go though.

Athey, great tutorials. They’re very helpful. And welcome to our community.