Good mathematic joke

this is a mathematic joke
You have to read it in french:


(kyue) ??? et quarante et quatre (em)???
what is ^^^??

my french vocab’s not too good so maybe I need a better vocab to understand it.

Q, m

more a james bond joke to me.

But i don’t get it.

I will say it in french


réponse: cul égal plus qu’elle rentre(pénètre) plus qu’elle t’aime

LOL I can’t imagine you posted that here lol

Only perons that talk french can understand that…hehe

No fair, my french is non existent, any chance someone could actually explain it to those of use that don’t speak french?

it’s a bad joke about sex, I’m not really sure you’d like to hear it.

Just copy/paste the tiny text somewhere to see a bad translation.
sex egal the more she fucks the more she loves you


theeth: LOL, that will teach me to ask for a translation. Curiosity has always done that to me.

told ya :stuck_out_tongue:


theeth, you didn’t make it small enough. I could still read it without changing it. :stuck_out_tongue: