Good modelling techinques & vertice counts

Hi all,

I’ve imported a lightwave model into blender… see this thread…

The model is composed of 130 objects, and over 8,800 vertices. I am going to have add more vertices to correct topology problems with the mesh I spoke about in that thread, so here’s my questions…

Should I seek to reduce the amount of vertices? I will be adding more while converting this to a mesh with good topology for blender. So how many vertices are too many for a rendered animation? (I know, depends upon how mush horsepower your puter has and you can fake stuff like backgrounds with compositing) But what’s a good detailed model’s vertice count? Where should I be at for a jet airplane??

Thanks for any and all help,

Technically, less vertices is always better. In reality, 8800 vertices is nothing. You can render models with hundreds of thousands of 'm in real-time. The problem isn’t so much how many vertices/triangles you have, but how high your Subsurf modifier is set (since it quadruples those values).