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Project for my portfolio!


What do you think about using black and white in 3D visualization? Thanks for your opinion…

Firstly, maybe post more info on first post? :slight_smile:
Secondly, which render engine are you used and etc?
Finally, I think black and white color graded final renders are for glance journals! :wink:

Otherwise, overall insane! :blush:

oops, you are right, of course! My post is too poor in explanations.
It was a portfolio job.
My goals were a) to test procedural texture for the bricks on the wall b) to do some fabrics (with Marvelous Designer) c) to improve my lighting management and my compositing process

Render engine was CYCLES

A few post processing on photoshop but not a lot : curves and also a very small vignette effect

Thanks for your comment

Black and White? Colored? any opinion?

The old masters used a sepia underpainting and then they added color over the top of that. If you have a black and white image as a reference it is helpful in getting a nice “fen-shway” feeling going on. Like we want things to be balanced and feel nice - If a room does not feel nice in black and white surely the colors are not going to fix that. We need a balance as far as the values go first then adding color to it. I always like to look a my art in black and white: It always seams to reveal things. So what is YOUR opinion about black and white ?

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Thanks. It’s a very helpful answer.
My black and white version is an accident but often accidents open up new ways!
I agree with you about the “balance” of a picture may be more noticeable in black and white and i like the idea to “test” every project with a black and white approach. Beyond to compare aesthetics, the real question is to know what I want to say in a visual .
May be the question is broader: why am I doing 3D?
At first, learning skills go over any other objective. The first years in 3D are fun because we feel our progress. But perhaps now it’s time for me to find my own direction.

Thanks a lot.

I am making comment about your thoughtful statement below
“Maybe the question is broader: why am I doing 3D?”
You bring up a valid point - sometimes it might be better to stick to photoshop - I am comparing a room to a desk: If we are trying to design a desk I think its worth the time to put it in 3d so it is easer to preview the changes on both sides. A room however really would only need to be shown at one angle to be evaluated for its colors and values. If the room is already made - and we are not thinking on adding any partitions it might be better to just stick with 2d. Its defiantly a good thing to consider before your client our client notices this oversite ! Nothing will keep a client around more than giving honest consideration to their needs.

Totally agree. It’s really a question about honesty. To our customers and also to ourselves

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Waow !!! very happy :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot and happy easter !