Good morning Vietnam

Possibly my best render to date. Fan art for the upcoming video game, Apocalypse now.

Good, but you need some lighting on the actress. Her face is indistinct and her hair is opaque-black. (Likewise under her legs and, well, her butt.) There’s a lack-of-separation with the curtains behind.

The diagonal line is a very strong compositional tool which unfortunately “points out the window,” or to the heroine’s “arm,” but not “at the heroine.” She is the star of the scene, and she needs appropriate lighting treatment.

The choice of colors is strong and interesting. There are essentially three color-groups here: a warm-yet-cool red, and a consistent blue. Interesting blue-stripes action on the ceiling. Good illustration-like modeling and presentation of the various furnishings. Good cropping and – except for the misplaced light beam – composition.

Thanks for the critique, usually no one comments these days. I did all of it in about 8 hours on my old backup computer. I felt like the beam is sort of striking her right in the heart and there is a virtual supernova in front of her which in fact is just the bloom from the window. While plain and poor, shes more beautiful than most, and almost seems to be blessed for it. I really like it, but it is not supposed to be a masterpiece, but just one of many normal people in my vision for the game. This is not supposed to supplant divinity, rather highlight humanity. I think it could be better too, but for me, I’m upset the knives weren’t visible stuck behind the wash basin and I thought to add more objects such as bad wiring hanging down, a wash bucket and other odds and ends. I think her look is sad but powerful, the look of nothing/strength/Asian beauty/calm/concern on her face. Another day, what can be done sort of look. A woman of her modest looks would be highly prized in the West, yet in Asia, they can be found by the scores and can easily lead a poor yet virtuous life. I wish it were better too, I want to go in there, look for more things, touch her hair find out what the texture is like, why it doesn’t reflect light well, put my hands in that light, see to if I am blessed, but in the end, I know its just art, I am inspired but I will not ask too much from a single piece. Also outside the window, perhaps you will see the tree, like a tree of life, that was my thought and I was in rapture as I put the final touches on this one ha ha. The textures were mainly gathered by me here in Taiwan, but from my studies, there are a lot of similarities in the two environments. For me, the tree was the focus and the glow emanates from it accordingly. I did want to take the time to perfect the hair, bit it seemed like it was too much work once I was done to go back and set it up and start over. I did what I could in that respect using my new work flow. I’m in the midst of perfecting a technique, but its nearly impossible to start over without a lot of work. Speed
is a factor in my pieces these days. And I know the tree being the focus sounds a little ridiculous, and well, well there you have it.

Ok, I decided to go ahead and fix the hair and a few other problems, as time goes by they become glaring… And when I get professional critique It not only glares but swelters.