Good morning

I decided to turn a render from another project into a more realistic image with nice mood.


i think there is something wrong in the coffe shader

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Must of took a heck of a lot of render samples, and no denoiser right? i like the fine detail on the cup and saucer, the orange juice looks realistic.

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Thank you for your feedback. Would you have any suggestion to improve it ?

Very impressive
Espeically the grain and lens distortion.
For me the smoke looks a little bit off.
You used a texture for that?

Thank you ! Actually I used the denoiser and put the samples number to 2000. The original picture has a resolution of 2000x1500 but I cropped it to 1500x1500. For the orange juice, well, I didn’t get good results with rendering so I decided to work on the texture in post-prod .

Many thanks :pray:, the smoke is a texture, yes. I added it in post-prod. I have to say, It was harder than I thought to make this effect and I had to watch o lot of coffee pictures ahah. Its good to have a feedback, thanks.