Good Morning

very nice, I like much overall the last render.

Thanks Harley and JosePerez. I like the last render overall too. I’m trying to get a photoreal result, but it’s still not where I want it to be. I also decided to lose the white brick walls. I want to add more color and items to this without crowding it.

I just noticed someone’s moved this thread back to wips. I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to update posts in finished projects.

I like the lighting of the last render also. Together with the blue additions (the curtains and the blue back of the coffee machine) the atmosphere has changed to a more cold impression.

I also don’t know why it shouldn’t be possible to update an existing thread in the finished section with a more advanced or a different version of the render. I did this in the past also and it hasn’t been a problem so far.

Simple yet lovely renders. For some reason, I’m very much delighted with the warm render. Great work, sir! :slight_smile:

hey thanks Reynante, that means a lot to me. I should likely stay with these types of renders.

5 stars! Would be interesting to see a bit more bump on the floor.

It looks so simple at first. but there is so much attention to detail. If i didn’t know better I might mistake this for a real scene.
Great photo-realism, great models, awesome lighting.

Amazing work, guy. It looks like I just stepped into it.

thank you both digerhappy and Theoldghost. I really appreciate it. I’ll be posting another interior project soon, and this time I want it to be more photo-real. I’ve already started, and this time I have real world measurements I’m modeling off of. and this time I will make sure not to update my post in final projects so it doesn’t get sent back here to wips!