Good Morning

Hello everyone. Finished my second animation.
Makes about 3 weeks. In Blender

Wow, this is delightful! How dare this be your second animation!! 3 weeks?! Hn?! :eek:

Seriously though, this is well directed, great low-poly style and look, animation very good, and a good simple story. A+ from me.

Thank U. Nice to hear.
For this, and I like Blender. For its simplicity and speed. The scene is quite simple. Most of the time spent on animation. It is better to think in advance all the details. This greatly simplifies the process.

Pretty solid in the animation.

Very nice! What I really like are the camera settings (camera angles, different shots, etc).
Was this intuitively or have you considered it based on a concept?

Intuitively. Angle was chosen already in the scene

Simple. To the point. Nice!
Nicely done.