good mousescript for walkthrought/FPS?

hello, i’m trying to make a simple demo of a cave and i’m using the walkthrought example for the camera.

i wanted to add the jump abilitie, maybe invert y axis of the mouse and make the camera move when you move the mouse, because in the walkthrought demo you must press LMB to move the camera and that kinda suxx.

i have searched for a mousescript but all the links were broken!

so if someone could post a good mousescript it would be great

thx in advance

hhhmmm yo NOR.J get over here yours is great, the one u lent me.

there are many other mousescripts on the forum…

okay, so the problem with a mouse script which doesn’t require the user to click to rotate the view is that it will lock the cursor in the window

if you are okay with that, check out:

I have several other mouse scripts, but I think that is the closest to what you want. if you want to invert an axis make the sensitivity [in the python file, but pretty easy to put as an object property so you can change it at runtime] negative

thank you all for the quick replies!
i will check it as soon as i can

z3r0 d what you intend by “locking the cursor”?
is it having the cursor stick in the middle of the screen and move with the camera?
basically i don’t need a cursor in my demo, it’s just curiosity :slight_smile:

i will post a screen of my demo when i have done texturing

yeah, it is stuck in the blender window, without quitting it is nearly impossilble to get out

so, clealy that is not suited to the web plugin. It is possible to make it so the cursor can be unlocked with esc or something, I just didn’t

a simple demo of a cave

%| :stuck_out_tongue: