Good Music

I’m wondering what music Blenderheads listen to. Pointless, but what the heck:

Jimmy Eat World: I own one Jimmy Eat World CD. If you’ve never heard them, you must listen to at least the first three of their tracks on their CD (I don’t know what the title is). “Bleed American” is so rocking; “A Praise Chorus” is really sweet; and “The Middle” is encouraging. All of them rock.

Las Ketchup: Suddenly, I’ve got a feeling my opinions are going to stir controversy. So here’s my advice: Shut up about me. Anyway, “The Ketchup Song” is addictive, but other songs from their album made it an instant addition to my collection.

The Mamas And The Papas: Oldies are fun. I had to hear “California Dreamin’,” so I asked my mom and dad for a collection of songs from them that they’d never used. I instantly added it to my collection as well. Maybe promoting theft isn’t such a good idea.

Vanessa Carlton: How can VK bash her? If modern pianists were a contest… well, I’d vote for her because I’ve never heard many other modern pianists. But still, she’s good, and VK’s claim that he’s probably better than her is arrogant bull.

Michelle Branch: Her first album is so good, I wish my sister would let me listen to her damned copy of the second one. :stuck_out_tongue: ScottishPig is kind of an idiot when it comes to music by US people, especially Arizona people. (Jimmy Eat World is Arizonan as well. Take that.)

Avril Lavigne: It’s official, there will likely be flames towards me. Guess what? SHE’S GOOD AT SINGING! I don’t really enjoy “Complicated,” either, but I gave her CD a chance and found a dozen other good songs. Try that sometime. It’s kind of amazing what treasure you’d find.

Music My Siblings Have Downloaded: No, that’s not a band, it’s just music left over from when Napster was somewhat legal. There’s lots of goodies, which is good since the folder for it takes up about a gig of computer space! It’s mostly worth it. But there’s too much Disney stuff… :o

ATEENS: A Swedish band of teenagers? Sounds disastrous, especially considering that their first album is a collection of ABBA cover songs. But they’re more appealing to modern teens; ABBA sounds pale in comparison, and I want to get their other CDs, even if they cover Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” in a pop-esque way. Yikes.

Music I Get At The Library:

Papa Roach’s “Infest.” Yeah, it’s decidedly bleak (they’re a Goth band, or at least that’s what I assume from their black clothes), but some of their songs are really cool.

The Offspring’s “Americana.” I think “Crazy Taxi” made me get this one. No, it wasn’t; it was MTV. But still, there are lots of really cool (and somewhat funny) songs on here.

Song Tracks I Like:

“Can’t Hurry Love.” No, not the Beatle’s “Can’t Buy Me Love,” it’s a different song. Pretty good by Diana Ross & The Supremes.

“Sinner.” Yes, I like some Gothic songs, but this one was in “The One,” how can I resist?

“Bodies.” Same story. Too bad their frontman died; they had promise in these songs. :frowning:

Okay, I’ve taken up too much space myself. How about you guys?

The Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Nine Inch Nails, The(!!!) Sisters of Mercy, Rage against the machine, Danzig, Queen ( :expressionless: ), Busters, Slayer, Motörhead, Me First and the gimme gimmes, Pixies, New Model Army, The Meteors, Die Ärzte, …

And don’t forget: Other bands play, Manowar kill!

I’m still wondering how someone could mistake “Can’t hurry love” with “Can’t buy me love”…


NoFX, pennywise, bad religion, Rancid, a bit of “Thrice”, Nirvana and some AFI

Good point.

Any recommendations towards CDs?

Well, currently I’ve been listening to the new Metalica CD non-stop. Great album. Best one from them in years.

I’m more of a classic metal listener, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, etc. I also am a huge Pearl Jam fan. Cam’t forget the classics like Led Zeppelin either.

But, I am 31, so all that older stuff is what I listen to.


BgDM: well, I’m 19, and I listen to old stuff too, I guess that means it’s good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


The Flaming Lips, Weezer, The Beatles, Less than , um, Jake??, and Ladytron.

Marilyn Manson
Full Devil Jacket
White Zombie
Rob Zombie
Cold Play
Bob Marley

and my favortie of all are good old LOVE SONGS they are the best, i have so many love song compilatiosn to list all of the artists.

infact i have A LOT of music that i can’t list the artists of. i don’t really buy any more heavy stuff anymore, but now its all love songs and calm stuff.

Alltaken (oh how we mature over time)

Top 5 favorites:

Judas Priest (with Rob Halford)
Blue Oyster Cult
Iron Maiden (Before Seventh son album)
Joe Satriani (Surfin with the Alien Album)

Linkin Park, Blink 182, Sum 41, Evanescence, Eminem, Good Charlotte, Weird Al, Propellerheads, The Crystal Method, Trapt, Jimmy Eat World… That’s all i can think of right now that i like.


Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Merzbow, Deutsch Nepal, Laibach, Siouxie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Circle, Anathema, Dead Can Dance, Cobalt 60, C-Tec, Theatre of Tragedy, My Dying Bride, Love and Rockets, Man or Astro-Man?, Cat Rapes Dog, George Clinton’s bands, Keuhkot, Revolting Cocks, Ulver, Dark Tranquillity… there’s a few :slight_smile:

More easily said: Industrial, EBM, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Folk, Funk, Death Metal, Goth Rock, Goth Metal, Krautrock…

Metallica, Nightwish and Linkin park

I’m the odd one out again, it appears!

STRAVINSKY! Lots and lots of Stravinsky!
All the other more modern composers as well!

And Bach! :smiley:

Those of you who think classical music is boring have obviously not not listened to “The Firebird” (Stravinsky), “The Niagara Falls Suite” (Grofe), or “The Planets” (Holst).

I also like intrumental synthesizer music, and “DNA music” the very idea of which makes my younger brother freak. (No wonder I like it!)

Iron Maiden, Psychotic Waltz, Kreator, Overkill, Neil Young.
Original style music with intelligent lyrics and full of emotions.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (Neil Young)

“So Far”

The cover art is by Joni Mitchell!

i listen to tool, fantomas, mr bungle, radiohead, muse, karma county, a perfect circle, wilco, the tea party, machine gun fellatio, the whilams

etc i listen to a lot of styles of music, but i hate tennie bopper shit and rap

Actually, I listen to everything except for COUNTRY and RAP

Classical is very good stuff. I love jazz as well.


Right now…Im listening to “Trust Co. - Downfall” and “Damien Rice - Volcano”, while Im typing this:

Tool, Deftones, Perfect Circle, Machinehead, a bit of Metallica, recently got Linkin Park - Meteora (not bad), Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness, Idlewild - Modern way of letting go, Jack Johnson, John Mayer…some other stuff…

I love jazz too…i did it for my core subject in high school…used one of George Benson’s tracks…

Hate that teenie bopper shit and rap too…not a big fan…although N.E.R.D had something…

ditto on the country and rap thing LOL

oh add western to the list