Good node setup for pursuit image?

WARNING: Some people got freaked out by the awesomeness of my dumb questions and incorrect language. So please ignore the little mistakes, missing knowledge, be sure that I´ve googled my questions before with no results and, please, answer in a gentle way. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I´m doing a pursuit scene in Cycles at the moment and I´m busy with the assets in the scene; two rendered WIPs told me that some compositing is really necesary, but I didn´t use the compositor very often and I´m not used to it.

My (basically) simple question is: Could you give me some node setups to receive a sort of action/tension look for a night time pursuit scene? Some sort of proper color gradient or movement accent or someting like that would be very, very cool! :eyebrowlift:

I searched YouTube, but wasn´t able to find what I want, so… maybe I´ll find some good answers here!

Thanks all of you beforehand!