Good ol' doctor

So I’m fairly new to blender, still learning, abandoned 2.7 for 2.8
so I’m sticking to simple stuff like this soda can, for now…
Would like to add some droplets onto it, but have yet to find a good tutorial
also not sure about the ice… doesn’t look completely realistic
Any more thoughts on how to improve? :slight_smile:


For the ice i would recommend watching this tutorial from gleb
I hope it is Helpful

Ps: Dr Pepper tastes gross :wink:

Thanks for the input and the tutorial! I’ll get right on it
Nah, Dr Pepper is the best :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, the ice looks pretty good. I’m still fairly new to the program myself but if you would like to add some condensation, you can try modeling some fairly small - I would say primarily circular - water droplets to create the illusion of a very cold can. It might add to the context of the ice! I’m sure you can try scattering them around the surface of the can with the particle settings. Not sure how heavy it might be on the computer though