Good old Commodore 64

Well i just came across a commodore 64 emulator the other day, and have been downloading the old games ever since. It sure brings back the memories. :slight_smile:
The Commodore was the first computer we ever had and those games were the first i ever played.

I’m looking for all my old favorites (at least the ones i can remember)
The ones I’ve found so far:

  • Pit stop
  • Boulderdash
  • Journey to the center of the world
  • Slinky
  • Ghost bustersBut i cannot remember or find my one favorite game. You played as a hat with legs i think, and caught trains around to other places. And there was this disease which was spread throughout the other ‘hat people’ and it could only be cured with diamonds (which the player could drop)

If anyone knows the name of this game please let me know. Ive been looking for it for ages. :spin:

And what is everyone else’s favorite games on the old 64???

Ahh, but the C64 didn’t have such wonderful games as “Fat Worm Blows a Sparky” on the ZX Spectrum. No its not an adult game…

The apple iie had conan, moon patrol, karateka (if anyone knows how to get this game on the pc let me know as I never clocked this favourite of mine about eighteen ago), and heaps others!

rndrdbrian, i couldnt get the game to work. I followed the instructions but it wouldn’t work. I think its my internet browser.

The apple iie had conan, moon patrol, karateka (if anyone knows how to get this game on the pc let me know as I never clocked this favourite of mine about eighteen ago
Ahh, im not sure but a quick google search turned up this

So no one else had a commodore 64??
My dad sold ours for $5 to some old lady. Very disappointing now that i look back on it… Should have told him to keep it. :no:

I liked:
Beach head I,II
Protector II
Attack of the mutant camels
Karate champ
Barbarian (first game I ever saw where the player decapitated the opponent)
Skate or DIE!
Ultima I,II,II, and IV
Lazy jones
And Jet set willy!! FTW!!

I cant remember all the cool ones, I had a few hundred games .

I recently came across VICE emulator, very very nice indeed :slight_smile:

Ahh, i never played most of those. We had about 10 games that worked, and most of them wern’t very good. Only a few classics.

And i just found the game I’m looking for - Agent USA :smiley:

Been playing it for an hour and I’m already dead. Or should i say… fuzzed.
Seems like I’m just as bad at it as i used to be. :rolleyes: Great game though.

Monty on the Run had the best music
too bad the game is next to impossible unless you are a pro

Thank You! There is some good memories there!

I did my first programming (Basic and assembler) on our “Commode” 64. You could control everything from sound to graphics to sprites even down to the individual bits - how cool was that!

I still remember the joy when we replaced the cassette tape with the 1541 drive that sounded like it was dying every time you did anything to it.

Some games I remember were arcade clones like Zaxxon, Qbert, and the EPYX Sports stuff (hotdogging in the Winter Olympics). Oh and Ghostbusters! Voice synth with 4 bits or so.

Didn’t have a commodore but we owned the 16K, 48K and 128K ZX Spectrum. Had to spend hours loading games off an audio tape and then spending the rest of our day playing games like “Way of the exploding fist”, “Pacman”, “Manic Miner”, etc. It hooked up to our television and it was a blast to play with. I even learnt BASIC on these machines. Wonderful times <sigh>.


I almost forgot about Exploding fists, that game totally rocked!

I had a trs80…
The games were mostly crap, but it was in a movie starring FERRIS BEULLER OMGWTFLOL!!!

no, the games were crap…

the next PC i had i could play doom on… kind of a gap there…

Aaaah, my very first computer, way back in 1987 when I was 13.
Loved Operation Wolf, Last Ninja and (Turbo) Outrun. California Games and that olympics game with the cave-men was also cool. Defender of the Crown also comes to mind. And all the crazy-ass stuff Jeroen Tel managed to pump out of the speakers.

And Jet set willy!!
Wasn’t that reportedly completed only once? Not even the guy who made the game could finish it apparently.

Thinking about all these old games gives me ideas to remake some. They used to be pretty simple to, so it would be reasonably simple to recreate them in Blender. Just an interesting thought though.

Many an hour spent on a C-64 (I got mine on my 16th)…wow… I had mine up until a few years ago, when it came to pass that the old magnetic 5 1/4" disks went bad. Sigh…
Games I enjoyed…(Some of these games were also on (drum roll) the VIC 20. OMG… I think I just dated myself!!)
Radar Rat Race
Way of Exploding Fist
Summer/Winter Games

Wow… I feel old!
Anyone also remember the “Internet” used to be privately run BBS? Back when a smoking fast modem speed was 2400 baud? And a 170K disk held ALOT of info?
Brings me back to the Atari 2600 days…

Nah, Amstrad 464 FTW!
Dizzy, now that was a good game.
Oh yeah, A Bards Tale was good as well. As far as I know it’s the earliest attempt at an rpg

Ah, the Commodore. I still have a 128, 64C and 64. Remeber Q-Link? How’s THAT for old?!? :smiley:

Not bad I suppose. Here was my first computer. Any games had to be input manually from basic programs found in various magazines and then saved on cassette tape. I did learn basic though. I remember having to solder in the “memory upgrade” because it kept falling out and crashing the system! Eventually the real game became trying to write machine code for the cpu to try and achieve better graphics. That and replacing burnt up CPU’s that resulted from my efforts at such.
Just as a side note, the programming manual for the Z8080a cost more than 3 cpu’s! Now that’s old! Oh yeah, I learned how to make heat sinks as well.I think that I got mad as hell at it one night and put it out of its misery. The C64 was already around by then, I just could not afford one.