Good old-style arcade shooter!

Working on a nostalgic project on the side: Creating a classic spaceship shooter, complete with power-ups and EOLBGs (End Of Level Bad Guys). Download the latest, still very early blend here!

Arrows to move, right shift button to shoot, TAB to make a power-up drift your way (catch it!)

If you like where it’s going, please see if you can help me solve this problem

EDIT: Felt like pumping the power-up: Do some damage!

Ya, keep going. but you might want to make the bullets actually do stuff to the ship

Hehe, right now it is just a free lunch to blast the few bad cube guys. Stuff shall come later :wink:

It’s goning good keep up the good work :slight_smile:
could you change the fire button or add another in later versions because hitting the shift key 5 time in windows causes stickey keys:(

shift key 5 time in windows causes stickey keys

next time that happens you can go into the options on the window that pops up and disable that if you want.

That along with other things, that feature in windows totally drives me insane.
I have it disabled at home but when I work on other peoples systems it constantly annoys me.

LOL, oh yeah, the thing for handicapped and the like, I hate that function. Always turn it off, so thanks for the heads up. I’ll move Fire to another key :slight_smile:

This game taught me how to make enemies shoot randomly instead of making a looooong line of bullets. :smiley: Thanks!