good particle settings for fur/hair based on setting/material ramp/blender render

Does anyone have some well functioning settings for fur(or hair)
I can´t help wondering why there are no presets in 2.6+ versions of Blender but anyway, …
I find that on particles/fur and materials ramps the tutorials on youtube are pretty bad unless you use render cycles or Blender 2.49b.

I would like to have some concrete settings to make eg. animal fur that looks COOL.
I worked with this on 2.49b a couple of years ago and I remember that the best looking hair comes from
material ramps, so that would be part of it of course. Now I find that the material ramp system appears to be
slightly different in 2.6+.

But anyone the question comes down to this: would anyone like to show their particles settings - and material settings for cool fur(or short hair)?