Good place to get HDR images?

Hello everybody. I recently got into interior scenes and I am looking for a good place to get HDR images. My current project is a futuristic based house that is comprised mainly of glass. I found a panoramic image of the city of Manhattan at night that works perfect for my scene. The only problem is that I can’t download the image and make the HDR myself. Any suggestions?

See this Zbrush thread

Also something to keep in mind–Blender can import pictures, render in panoramic view and save images as Exr files which is the file type of HDRI images. So if you play with these features enough, and with a little creativity, you may discover that it is possible to light your render with any non-HDRI image of your choice and even create make shift versions of your own.

Don’t be afraid to cheat with invisible emission planes and lights as well.

That link had some good HDRI’s but nothing close to what I was looking for. But knowing that Blender can create HDRI’s from simple pictures, I might give that a go. Thanks!

Didn’t see anyone on that zbrush thread mention - my personal favourite :slight_smile:

Have you been to many homes with city neons lights on the ceiling? You don’t really need an HDRI inside unless your focus is an object and not the entire scene. Even then if you have modeled a scene that is your HDRI. You may want a picture of an interior to put behind the camera and set it to emit. that will give some reflections from the direction of the camera which usually has nothing behind it. You see what I’m saying?