good place to make public my forums?

(stephen2002) #1

I don’t know how many of you have noticed that my site now has forums that allow 15MB attachments, but apparently not many are interested.

I was a bit surprised, considering how much effort a lot of people go through with the free web hosting that throws advertisments and all of these file limitations in your fase just to post their images/videos. I would have thought that the file attachments would have been a draw.

Does anybody know of other places I can make annoucments of the avalablity of this forum. I don’t want to post this on CG Talk, because they tend to shoot down just about anything…

(Jamesk) #2

I guess the only prob is that it takes a good while for stuff like this to sink in. Maybe you should talk to Kib about some banner ads here @ elysiun?

(S68) #3

I noticed your last post… and your forum.

I think It’s really worthy to have the possibility of such HUGE upload, (And I think I might use it one of these days) but you must also realize that Blender population is already centered on Elysiun and… so to check/post THREE sites…


(stephen2002) #4

I already e-mailed Kib about making an offical annoucment of some sort, but I got no reply :frowning:

I didn’t even notice, I assume that it is new now that the sources are out.

I was also thinking about other communities that would benifit from the ability to have a good place to post CG stuff, not neccessaraly only Blender. CGTalk would be the best place to have an annoucment made, but the people at CGTalk tend to get nasty if you post about another site or service that is avalable. My signature on CGTalk is the same as the one here, so the word is a least out there.