good program to go with blender and substance for making pictures,words,symbols

hey guys i noticed substance designer is really good and all but from what i figured out i cant make things like symbols or text easily and normal map looking so they pop out good or flat if you want it flat

try GIMP

you can make stencils with white on black .png textures

yea i have tried gimp a bit but its so broad in use. i should just learn all of gimp just to do a few things or find a dedicated program

i think ill learn gimp anyways but if anyone knows other programs let me know. i remember like a year ago seeing this one program where you could plaster like normal map shapes of all kinds and letters onto an object but now i cant find it

ok i got this black and white


this is sort of what im going for. just need to fix it up now

oh yea i know the colors are wrong the coca cola will be black and background white but for now im just trying to do a test.