Good Python scripting tutorial

Anybody know a good Blender scripting tutorial? I’m a newb to scripting in Blender.

Do you know how to code in Python? If not, or are pretty good tutorials on coding in python.
If you already know python, here is a tutorial for coding in Blender.

You can also look at other people’s code online. Also, the python API has examples of code for most of the main functions of each module, here

Thank you, perhaps this should be a sticky here?

Yeah, thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

one note here

scripting will change with blender 2.5
and not backward compatible
so if you do it in 2.49 it won’t work in 2.5
it will require some conversion to 2.5 and right now there is not much info for 2.5 scripting

but you can still begin with the given references some stuff will still be used in 2.5

happy blendering

Yeah, I forgot to mention that, sorry.

here’s one that I don’t think has been mentioned.